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Home is where your story begins.

 Dholera Smart City is rapidly gaining recognition as a highly promising investment hub, attracting both domestic and international investors seeking lucrative opportunities. Our expertise as Dholera Developers allows us to offer a range of premium residential options in this thriving locale.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of investment opportunities in Dholera. From premium residential plots to luxurious villas, elegant bungalows, and cutting-edge smart value apartments, we cater to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs. We are committed to keeping you informed with the latest Dholera news and updates, ensuring that you stay well-informed about this dynamic and evolving investment landscape.

Discover the extraordinary potential of Dholera through our offerings, and let us guide you towards a prosperous future in this burgeoning city.

The real estate company you can trust to keep it real.

The Company’s Goal 
The objective of our company’s team is that we give the best smart properties to every person, so that he can increase his earnings and investment by many folds, while keeping it safe and secure, so that many of their coming generations are also enjoying life and making a name in the world.

Dainty Group is a Startup in Real Estate Industry  by the smart mind  and hard work of 30 years by Shri Dharampal Singh (Heera) Founder and Chairman along with Dhann Singh ( Managing Director ) The proof is in 1992 he after 12th, along with his higher education, started trying his hand in properties with a small capital only ₹ 10000 and  In 2002, he formed a team of his 11 friends with whom he used to do small business earlier and thought of doing something big, the whole team collected Rs 12500000 and invested in a big property, God’s grace was such that after that this the team never looked back and played every corner of India. I have tried my hand at property investment. With a thinking, who say that if I a poor person can earn crores with the help of good properties, good friends and good thinking, then everyone can do it but with their investment being safe and secure, there should also be a good growth and good earning giver, and till date no safe and secure investment has been made in the world without properties and I will make all the people aware for this so that they too can take advantage of smart investment.

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Meet our Founder & Chairman

Dharampal Singh Heera
Founder & Chairman Dainty Group of Companies
Dharampal Singh Heera
Founder & Chairman Dainty Group of Companies

Dharampal Singh Heera is the visionary Founder and Chairman of Dainty Group of Companies, a dynamic leader driving innovation and success across diverse business ventures. Under his guidance, the company thrives as a symbol of entrepreneurial excellence and forward-thinking strategies.

Helping you find the property of your dreams.

Our Value

Your desires needs deserve the care of a specialist

Our commitment to meeting diverse preferences and needs ensures a holistic array of choices for astute investors. We strive to provide options that align with individual goals and financial aspirations, ultimately delivering a tailored and all-encompassing investment experience in Dholera.

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Client Focused. Results Driven.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of investment opportunities in Dholera.

Our Vision

Our vision for real estate is to redefine urban living by providing sustainable, innovative, and inclusive properties that enhance the quality of life.

Our Mission

We aspire to exceed expectations, forging lasting connections with our clients by delivering best properties.

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