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🌟 Dholera SIR :Land Usage Plan 🏞️

Today, I’m excited to dive into the visionary land usage plan of Dholera Sir, a city that’s redefining urban development in India. Dholera Sir is not just another city; it’s a testament to India’s dedication to progress, sustainability, and innovation.

The Land Usage Zone-wise Distribution in Dholera Sir showcases a meticulous approach to urban planning, setting the stage for a remarkable future. Let’s explore the various zones that make up this vibrant city:

  1. Water Body (3%): Dholera Sir’s commitment to preserving natural resources is evident as it dedicates significant land to water bodies, promoting both aesthetics and environmental balance.
  2. Coastal Regulation Zone (37%): Embracing the coastal charm, Dholera Sir upholds Coastal Regulation guidelines, safeguarding the pristine coast while allowing responsible development.
  3. Industrial (13%): Dholera Sir is poised to be an industrial powerhouse, driving economic growth and creating numerous job opportunities.
  4. Recreation and Sports (5%): Every thriving city needs spaces for leisure and physical activity, and Dholera Sir is intent on offering top-notch recreational opportunities.
  5. Tourism (4%): Dholera Sir aspires to be a tourist magnet, showcasing India’s rich heritage and culture. This zone is dedicated to crafting unforgettable tourist experiences.
  6. High Access Corridor (3%): These corridors serve as the lifelines, connecting Dholera Sir to the nation and ensuring seamless transportation and accessibility.
  7. Residential Zone (11%): Quality housing is fundamental to a high standard of living, and Dholera Sir places a premium on providing exceptional residential areas for its residents.
  8. Road & Rail (3%): Efficient transportation networks for a thriving city
  9. Agriculture (14%): Honoring its agrarian heritage, Dholera Sir keeps its roots alive with fertile zones dedicated to agriculture, ensuring food security.
  10. Others (7%): This category includes specialized zones, each with a unique role in shaping Dholera Sir’s future:
  • Knowledge and I.T.: Fostering innovation and technological advancement.
  • City Center: The heart of the city, where culture, commerce, and community converge.
  • Village Buffer: A nod to traditional village life, preserving heritage while embracing modernity.
  • Solar Energy: A commitment to sustainability with harnessing the power of the sun.
  • Public Facilities: Providing essential amenities and services for residents.
  • Strategic Infrastructure: Supporting long-term growth.
  • Logistics: A hub for efficient transportation and movement of goods.
  • Green Belt: Preserving the environment and ecological balance.

Let’s connect and discuss how Dholera Sir’s visionary approach to land usage can inspire us Together, we can shape a world where progress and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

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